Best Online Shops in Canada

There are so many online shops available that allow costomers to buy from home. Delivery in Canada is usually quite fast and you'll receive your goods within days delivered to your door. The choice of where to buy online can be overwhelming though. That's why we have created a list for you:

Amazon is the worlds most popular e-commerce site. In Canada too the site is hugely popular. You'll find everything from treadmills, computers to groceries and over the counter drugs. It's a one stop shop with lots of choice and very fast delivery options. Amazon also allows others to sell products on their platform. Amazon calls these Marketplace Sales. Watch out, sometimes they charge hefty shipping charges.

Just like you're used to in store, Walmart offers a wide range of affordable household goods. Similar to Amazon you can buy almost anything. But unlike Amazon, Walmart only sells things from it's own warehouse.

Another Canadian classic. sells limited groceries and a very large selection of wellness products. Shop at if you want to buy from a truly Canadian business.